Why The Enumeration Of Precision Is Important – Whiteboard Friday

With answers for business owners, dabbling SEOs in local search, and those enterprise-wide looking for a broad solution, Moz Local George Freitag stars in the Whiteboard this week Friday covering all Benefits and secrets of ad accuracy (give it a warm welcome, people!).
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Video transcription
Hello. My name is George Freitag with Moz Local, and today I wanted to talk about the accuracy of the lists. The reason I wanted to talk about it is that it’s one of those issues that has been raised in local research. If you are working in local search directly or if you are working with an agency or SEO on local search, this is one of those things that you have probably heard about a lot, you understand that it is something you have to Do you understand that this is very important because it is, but you do not understand exactly what it means, why it is important, how is it that you have to do it, or why it takes so much Time it does. So today I wanted to spend time examining why the accuracy of the lists is important, how it works and how you can do it.

So, for starters, we’ll just look at a real local search result. Let’s say it’s a search for what you’re doing. The food was good and the service was great. More Was this review helpful? You got your three local results. It’s on a phone, so that’s pretty much all you get, is these three lists, and that’s where you want to be, but you’re not.
So why not you? How is it that your customers, your competitors are on this search result, but you are not? It has to do with trust.

A story of trust
So to demonstrate why trust is so important, I want to make a brief story about myself when I was looking for a bank a few years ago. I do not go to the bank often. So when it came time, I pulled out my phone, punched Google Maps, and then proceeded to walk for the next seven blocks with my face buried in my phone, checking my Twitter and e-mail and whatever . When the little lady inside told me I had arrived, I looked up and saw that the place was closed. Not even closed for the day. It was closed completely.

So this is the biggest fear of Google, because if there is a reason why you, me, anyone will stop using Google is if this happens again and again. If I am repeatedly sent to companies that do not exist, if I try to call them and the call information is incorrect, then I will stop using Google, and Google takes this very seriously.
In fact, Google gets even more on the line with additional business information. If you have done a local search lately, and I guess you have if you watched this video, you will see that in this chart of knowledge they give you all kinds of information. They tell you whether the store is open or not. They connect you with criticism. They just give a ton of information in their local search results. And if they are not confident about all the information they have, then they will not show it, because if they repeatedly show that a place is closed when it is not, then you go Stop using Google. Google takes the trust very seriously.

Precision of inscription
So how does Google determine trust? This is where the accuracy of the list comes in. The accuracy of the inventory is Google’s method of determining whether or not to trust a local business search result.
To show how it works, here we go and say it’s your business and let’s say you’ve already set up your Google My Business page. You have already set up your name, address, phone, NAP. If you have not done anything in this direction, there is a lot of information on our website and on other online places on how to do it.
But let’s say you’ve already set up your Google My Business account. This is absolutely perfect with your company name, all your hours, all